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    California Violent Crime Offenses

    You Need to Hire an Experienced California Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

    Los Angeles lawyer, David S. Chesley, and his team of experienced California criminal lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the best criminal defense representation to obtain the best possible outcome in your criminal violent case.

    If you are arrested for or accused of a violent crime, the state of California has a strict and stringent framework of violent crime laws in place to penalize the violent offenders and to minimize the crime rate in the state. However, due to its complicated laws, inappropriate procedures, and flawed investigation process, sometimes innocent people are charged with violent crimes and face severe penalties.

    At the Law Offices of David S. Chesley our team of experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers, former prosecutors, police officers, and investigators represent clients facing violent crime charges throughout the state of California on a daily basis. With offices in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bern/ Riverside, San Diego County, Kern / Santa Barbara, Sacramento / Sonoma, Alameda / San Joaquin, Ventura County, Fresno / Santa Clara, and Northern California, we are a team of fierce, passionate, and aggressive California criminal defense lawyers that ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

    As we have been the part of the judicial and law enforcement system for more than 50 years, we understand what it takes to build a successful criminal defense. We know about police procedures, evidence collection, how evidence are presented in the court and know the complications in establishing evidence beyond reasonable doubt. Running an exhaustive investigation from crime scene to the major suspects, we aim to reduce the sentence if any.

    Types of Violent Crimes Under Penal Code (PC) Section 667.5(c) 667.5

    There are 23 violent crimes described in California’s Penal Code (PC) Section 667.5(c) 667.5 including: Arson, Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Assault on a police officer, battery, child abuse, child endangerment, domestic violence, possession of illegal weapons, illegal imprisonment, kidnapping, gang-related crimes, manslaughter, and homicide. So much as the stalking and resisting the arrest can even be charged with violent crimes.

    In the complicated scenario of violent crimes, it is imprudent to represent yourself or rely on a public defendant to fight on your behalf. We have experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers that represent our clients throughout California, preparing a strong defense for a violent crime case requires time and expertise.
    Violent Crime Penalties

    If the charges of violent crimes are proven, and you are charged with a crime, you will have to face monetary loses, loss of reputation, anger management classes, parole, jail time, and in the worst cases that involve murder or serious injury, you may even face lifetime imprisonment or the death penalty. If convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor under violent crime, you can face

    • Up to 25 years of jail time
    • A probation period
    • Thousands of dollars in monetary fines
    • Enrollment in anger management program
    • Death penalty in case of murder or other serious felonies

    Apart from the financial and physical challenges, a violent crime trial can be psychologically taxing and stressful for you. It is not just the monetary fines and jail time, but your freedom, reputation, and career can be severely affected if you are charged with a violent crime in California

    Why do you need our criminal defense attorneys?

    Because our attorneys handle exclusively criminal defense cases in Los Angeles and throughout California. A criminal charge becomes part of your record and can affect your life in the following years, if you have a conviction on your record, it can have a serious impact if you are later convicted of another crime. A prior conviction in the record can result in harsher and more strict sentences in the later cases.

    In addition to this, if you are applying for a new job or want to rent a place or want to purchase a weapon, even a misdemeanor can seriously reduce your chances. A criminal conviction means that you will have to face several closed doors and lost opportunities. So, if you are charged with a violent crime, it is important to hire an experienced California criminal defense attorney.

    Why Choose Our Los Angeles Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys?

    Stretched across the state, we have seen the state’s judicial system, laws and local courthouses up close. With our previous experience in law enforcement and prosecution, we can play devil’s advocate in preparing the case and constituting strong arguments against the evidence. We know about the untruthful witnesses, planted evidence, fake stories, and forced testimonies and we know how to turn them around.

    Contact us for help

    If you or a family member has been accused or arrested for a violent crime, you can contact our California experienced criminal defense attorneys today for legal representation. A conviction will lead to a permanent mark on your criminal record. One of our experienced California criminal defense attorneys will give you an upper hand in avoiding both.

    At the Law Offices of David Chesley, we invite you to contact us for your free initial consultation. During this consultation one of our expert California criminal defense attorneys will help you explore all the options available to you when fighting a violent crime case or any other type of criminal charges. Call us today at 1-800-755-5174.

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    • Multiple defendants each facing 7 years charged with smuggling prescription drugs into California from Mexico our client was the only defendant who received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 5 years for possession of deadly weapon we negotiated a plea for NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 3 life terms for multiple felony counts of Child Molestation and Sodomy with child we proved the charges were fabricated by victims mother DISMISSAL of all charges at preliminary hearing!

    • Strike case: Client charged with possession of methamphetamine facing 25 years we filed a Romero Motion which was granted case REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR!

    • Client’s estranged girlfriend alleged Client broke into her room and choked her facing 14 years in State Prison we won at trial JURY ACQUITTAL.

    • Police allegedly discovered 3 bags of marijuana in client’s glove box faced 6 years we filed a 1538.5 motion to suppress resulting in DISMISSAL of all charges!

    • Client allegedly sold rock cocaine to undercover officer faced 10 years following our argument client received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 15 years for Armed Robbery we proved misidentification Judge DISMISSED the case!

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