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    Los Angeles Attempted Murder Defense Lawyer

    An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles Helping People Accused of Attempted Murder
    Attempted murder is one of the most serious charges someone can face. It has the potential of a life sentence. If you face serious charges, you require serious defense. You need the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles attempted murder lawyer who understands the charges against you, the options for your defense, and the prosecutors and courts involved in your legal proceedings. You’ll find that assistance at the Law Offices of David S. Chesley.

    California Requirements for Attempted Murder Charges
    Attempted murder is the act of trying to kill someone but not actually killing them. California law requires two elements in an attempted murder charge:

    • The alleged offender took at least one direct step towards killing someone but was unsuccessful
    • The alleged offender took that step with the intent to kill someone

    A Direct Step
    A direct step is more than just planning something. It requires the person to set the plan in motion. If it weren’t for other factors interfering with that plan, the murder would have been successful.
    This direct step can be nearly any measure. For instance:

    • Hiring a hitman to kill someone
    • Stabbing someone in the upper body
    • Shooting a firearm at someone
    • Placing poison in someone’s food

    These are examples of murder preparation, but they don’t qualify as direct steps in a California attempted murder

    • Googling “hire a hitman”
    • Purchasing a knife
    • Loading a firearm
    • Buying poison

    Intent to Kill
    In an attempted murder case, prosecutors must show there was an intent to kill. Intent to harm or hurt doesn’t warrant an attempted murder charge.

    How do they show this? One way is the location of the victim’s injuries. If they have upper-body injuries, it’s more likely that there was intent to kill since vital organs are located in the upper body. Lower body injuries are more likely to indicate an intent to injure. Even if the alleged offender did intend to kill, prosecutors might not be able to prove it. Sometimes, there are no physical injuries at all. As a result, prosecutors must use the prevailing circumstances to show an intent to kill.

    What is the Kill Zone Theory?
    It’s crucial to note that prosecutors don’t have to show that the alleged offender intended to kill a specific person, just someone. The kill zone theory means that the alleged offender is liable for anyone they accidentally kill while attempting to kill someone else. They don’t even need to be aware that other non-targets are in their kill zone.

    For example, suppose a person walks into a nursing home with the intent to kill two specific employees and fires in the direction of many residents and staff members. In that case, they could be charged with attempted murder for each person who had shots fired in their direction.

    Possible Defenses for Attempted Murder Charges
    A seasoned Los Angeles attempted murder attorney has many legal defenses available to help clients who face attempted murder charges. They know which ones might apply to a specific case and how to use them. These defenses include:

    Lack of Intent to Kill
    The alleged offender must have acted with a specific intent to kill the victim. If the person charged had no intention, or the prosecution can’t prove their intent, an attempted murder didn’t happen. It’s possible the alleged offender was instead acting with the intent to maim or scare the victim. If this is true, other charges might apply but not an attempted murder charge.

    Lack of a Direct Step
    Not only must the prosecution establish that the person charged acted with an intent to kill, but they must also prove that they took a direct step towards doing so. Simply making a plan which can include purchasing weapons, making arrangements to dispose of a body, or writing out steps, isn’t actually taking a direct step.

    Even if the person charged took a direct step and then decided not to follow through with the rest of their plan, their Los Angeles attempted murder lawyer might be able to work out a plea deal for a lesser charge.

    Self Defense
    Under California law, people are permitted to use reasonable force in self-defense or defense of someone else if they feel their physical safety is in imminent danger. If someone logically thinks another person is attempted to kill them, they can kill that person without legal ramifications.

    Mistaken Identity
    The alleged offender might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They could look like the person who committed attempted murder or even drive the same type of car. The police and prosecutors don’t always catch the right person. A Los Angeles attempted murder attorney can investigate exactly what happened. If they can prove there’s a reasonable doubt that the person charged is not the perpetrator, then the charges must be dismissed.

    Consequences for an Attempted Murder Conviction
    A conviction for attempted murder comes with severe consequences. That’s why alleged offenders must have a skilled Los Angeles attempted murder lawyer with a proven track record of success. Potential penalties for first degree attempted murder include:

    • Up to life in state prison with the possibility of parole
    • At least 15 years in prison if the victim is a peace officer, firefighter, or another protected individual

    Second-degree attempted murder means that the alleged offender isn’t guilty of premeditation or deliberately trying to kill someone. Potential penalties for second-degree murder are between five and nine years in state prison.
    Potential penalties for first- or second-degree attempted murder convictions include:

    • Paying victim restitution
    • Up to a $10,000 fine
    • Loss of the right to own a firearm

    Other factors such as gang involvement or a previous criminal history can make these penalties more severe.

    Are You Facing Attempted Murder Charges? Contact a Los Angeles Attempted Murder Defense Attorney Today
    If you or someone you love has been charged with attempted murder in California, you don’t have time to waste. You need a knowledgeable advocate on your side to defend you. Reach out to the Law Offices of David S. Chesley in Los Angeles to speak with a reputable Los Angeles attempted murder lawyer. Contact or call our office today at 800-755-5174.

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