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    • Multiple defendants each facing 7 years charged with smuggling prescription drugs into California from Mexico our client was the only defendant who received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 5 years for possession of deadly weapon we negotiated a plea for NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 3 life terms for multiple felony counts of Child Molestation and Sodomy with child we proved the charges were fabricated by victims mother DISMISSAL of all charges at preliminary hearing!

    • Strike case: Client charged with possession of methamphetamine facing 25 years we filed a Romero Motion which was granted case REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR!

    • Client’s estranged girlfriend alleged Client broke into her room and choked her facing 14 years in State Prison we won at trial JURY ACQUITTAL.

    • Police allegedly discovered 3 bags of marijuana in client’s glove box faced 6 years we filed a 1538.5 motion to suppress resulting in DISMISSAL of all charges!

    • Client allegedly sold rock cocaine to undercover officer faced 10 years following our argument client received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 15 years for Armed Robbery we proved misidentification Judge DISMISSED the case!


    Our Glendale Office is located at:

    Law Offices of David S. Chesley, Inc.
    Glendale Criminal Defense Attorneys and DUI Lawyers

    450 North Brand Blvd., Suite 600
    Glendale, CA 91203
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    Glendale Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Glendale Will Fight to Protect Your Rights and Freedom

    Suppose you’ve been charged with theft on Brand Boulevard, arrested for DUI after leaving Griffith Park, or accused of vandalism somewhere else in Glendale. In that case, you now face some serious, potentially life-altering circumstances.

    To mitigate those circumstances, you need an experienced Glendale Criminal Defense Attorney on your side—a lawyer that knows Glendale and is intimate with the legal justice system there.

    Glendale Police Department
    613 E. Broadway
    Glendale, CA 91206
    (818) 550-4400

    Pacific Community Center & Park
    501 Pacific Ave.
    Glendale, CA 91204
    (818) 548-4098

    The Hills Rehabilitation Center
    8207 Mulholland Dr.
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    (844) 915-0287

    Facing Criminal Charges? Call an Experienced Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer Now

    If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Glendale, CA, you are likely facing a set of crises on multiple fronts. Criminal charges can wreak havoc in your family, jeopardize your job, and create huge amounts of fear and uncertainty about your future. To make matters worse, navigating your way through the criminal system can seem complicated and confusing. At times like these, your best chance of a positive outcome is to hire an experienced Glendale criminal defense attorney to represent your interests.

    At the Law Offices of David S. Chesley, Inc., we have over 50 years of combined courtroom experience with a proven track record of success. Our team of criminal defense attorneys includes former judges and prosecutors who know the criminal justice system inside and out. Whether you’ve been charged with theft, DUI, drug-related offenses, sex crimes, or a violent crime in our team of top criminal defense lawyers in Glendale will strategize for your best defense and work to protect your rights and your freedom.

    Criminal Defense in Glendale

    Glendale enjoys one of the lowest crime rates of any city in the Los Angeles area, and local law enforcement and prosecutors work hard to make it stay that way. Unfortunately for you, this means if you’re accused of a crime in Glendale, you can expect prosecutors to be highly committed to securing a conviction unless a skilled defense attorney either convinces the court to dismiss the charges or successfully negotiates a plea bargain. Let’s look at some of the more common criminal charges in Glendale, CA that we defend against.

    Most incidents of theft in Glendale are non-violent and include shoplifting, burglary, auto theft, and similar offenses. More aggressive forms of theft like armed robbery are less common, but they still happen. Petty theft (i.e., stealing items valued at less than $950) is a misdemeanor in California; grand theft (over $950) may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, while armed robbery is a felony offense.

    Vandalism is the illegal destruction of someone else’s property. Vandalism in Glendale is typically charged as a misdemeanor if the damage is under $400, or a felony if it’s over $400.

    Drug-Related Offenses:
    Illicit drugs are widely available in Glendale and throughout Los Angeles County, which means drug arrests happen frequently. Drug-related offenses can be charged as misdemeanors for simple possession of small amounts, or felonies for more serious offenses. Common drug crimes may include:

    • Possession of controlled substances
    • Transportation, sales, or distribution of illegal drugs
    • Manufacture of dangerous drugs on a commercial scale (e.g., methamphetamines)

    DUI charges in Glendale are quite common, and DUI convictions can result in license suspension, fines, probation, and jail time. First-time offenses are usually misdemeanors, but DUI may also be charged as a felony if it’s a repeat offense or if someone is injured or killed as a result.

    Assault and Battery
    Under California law, assault and battery are two separate offenses that are often charged together. Assault is an “unlawful attempt” to commit physical injury on another person, whether or not any contact is made. Battery is the “actual use” of unlawful force on another person. Simple assault is a misdemeanor, but it may be charged as a felony if it involves using a weapon or serious bodily injury occurs.

    Violent Crimes
    Violent crimes are typically charged as felony offenses and can result in serious fines and prison time if you are convicted. Examples of violent offenses in Glendale may include armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, reckless endangerment, sexual assault, manslaughter, and homicide.

    The Criminal Court Process in Glendale, CA

    If you are charged with a crime in Glendale, your case will typically be heard at the Glendale Courthouse at 600 E. Broadway. Here’s how the court process works and how an experienced defense attorney can help with the process:

    • Arraignment: At your arraignment, you’ll appear before a judge to be informed of the charges against you and to enter a plea. The prosecutor will also present initial evidence to the court that establishes probable cause for your arrest (e.g., witness statements, physical evidence, etc.). Your attorney may make a statement on your behalf or request certain conditions of release. If you plead “not guilty,” the judge will determine whether to set bail or release you on your own recognizance. Thanks to recent bail reforms in California, most defendants can now be released without bail.
    • Pre-trial: Many criminal cases can be resolved in the pre-trial phase without trial, especially with a good defense attorney involved. During the pre-trial period, if you’re charged with a felony, you may attend a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is probable cause to move forward with a trial. For misdemeanors, your attorney may file a Penal Code 911 motion to dismiss the charges at a more informal hearing. Both sides will also exchange relevant information about the evidence they are presenting (a process called “discovery”). Throughout the pre-trial, your attorney will continue to negotiate for dismissal or reduction of the charges, or in some cases, negotiate a plea bargain on a lesser charge to avoid trial.
    • Trial: If the matter cannot be resolved in pre-trial, your case will go to a jury trial at the Glendale Courthouse. An experienced defense attorney will defend your case aggressively, dismantling the prosecution’s arguments to pursue an acquittal by the jury.
    • Sentencing: If the charges are dismissed at any point in the process, your case concludes with no penalty and no conviction on your criminal record. If you agreed to a plea bargain to avoid trial, the judge will typically abide by whatever agreement your attorney negotiated with the prosecution. If a jury convicts you, there will be a sentencing hearing where the judge determines the sentence. Your attorney will argue your case for leniency, or if some discrepancies or errors may have tainted the verdict, the attorney may file a motion for a new trial.
    • Appeal: You have the right to appeal any adverse decision to a higher court for review. If you choose to appeal your conviction, your attorney will file the appeal and prepare written briefs explaining the grounds for the appeal (typically pointing out mistakes or evidence of misconduct during the trial).

    The Superior Court of California – Glendale Courthouse
    600 E. Broadway
    Glendale, CA 91206
    (818) 265-6400

    If You Are Facing Criminal Charges in Glendale, CA

    A criminal conviction could have a significant impact on you, your family, and your future. If you or someone you love is charged with a crime in Glendale, CA, attorney David S. Chesley and his team have the experience and skills you need to get the best possible outcome. Don’t risk your future—make sure you have the best criminal defense attorneys in Glendale on your side. For assistance 24/7 or to schedule a free consultation, call us at (818) 937-0879 or fill out our Contact Form.