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  • Multiple defendants each facing 7 years charged with smuggling prescription drugs into California from Mexico our client was the only defendant who received NO JAIL TIME!

  • Client facing 5 years for possession of deadly weapon we negotiated a plea for NO JAIL TIME!

  • Client facing 3 life terms for multiple felony counts of Child Molestation and Sodomy with child we proved the charges were fabricated by victims mother DISMISSAL of all charges at preliminary hearing!

  • Strike case: Client charged with possession of methamphetamine facing 25 years we filed a Romero Motion which was granted case REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR!

  • Client’s estranged girlfriend alleged Client broke into her room and choked her facing 14 years in State Prison we won at trial JURY ACQUITTAL.

  • Police allegedly discovered 3 bags of marijuana in client’s glove box faced 6 years we filed a 1538.5 motion to suppress resulting in DISMISSAL of all charges!

  • Client allegedly sold rock cocaine to undercover officer faced 10 years following our argument client received NO JAIL TIME!

  • Client facing 15 years for Armed Robbery we proved misidentification Judge DISMISSED the case!


Our Victorville Office is located at:

Law Offices of David S. Chesley, Inc.
Victorville Criminal Defense Attorneys and DUI Lawyers

16888 Nisqualli Road
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 553-9474

Victorville Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Victorville Helping Defendants Protect Their Rights

Victorville had a 2019 population of 121,902 and officially became a town on September 21, 1962. This Southern California city is known for its unique landscape and weather patterns. Victorville got its name from California South Railroad construction superintendent Jacob Nash Victor. Initially named Victor, it was changed to Victorville after it got mixed up with Victor, Colorado. During WWII, Victorville was home to the George Air Force Base, which could support two tactical fighter wings.

Helpful city resources:

Victorville Sheriff’s Department
14200 Amargosa Rd
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 241-2911

Victorville City Hall
14343 Civic Dr
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 955-5000

Victorville City Library
15011 Circle Dr
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 245-4222

Arrests and Crimes in Victorville
Data provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) reveals that Victorville crime rates are four percent lower than the California average. In 2019, there were 3,259 reported crimes, 998 violent crimes, and 2,271 were property crimes. Theft, burglary, and robbery were the most rampant. Areas of high crime in Victorville include:

  • Frost
  • Thorn
  • Nassau Dr./Oakmont Dr.
  • Huerta St./Geronimo Ave.
  • Rt 395/Phelan Rd.
  • City Center
  • Palmdale Rd./Amargosa Rd.

Those arrested and charged with a crime in Victorville may need to appear in court. It’s best to have a Victorville criminal defense attorney who is well-versed in the courts, judges, and district attorneys serving Victorville.

Local Criminal Court:
Victorville District
14455 Civic Drive
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 245-6215

Overview of the Criminal Court Process
The California criminal court system is often viewed as a maze. Once you find yourself in it, it can be challenging to navigate your way around and find a way out. If you are unfamiliar with the laws and court rules, it can be downright overwhelming. When you hire a Victorville criminal defense lawyer, you have an advocate on your side who cares about your future and how you feel during this process. More importantly, you have an advocate who can explain the criminal justice process and provide you with an aggressive defense for real results. Generally, the criminal court process is as follows.

Investigation: Unless a law enforcement officer saw you commit an alleged crime, they must conduct an investigation before your arrest. During their investigation, they might want to question you or request to search you or your property. Having an attorney on your side early on in this process can prove invaluable. They can help ensure your rights are protected during any searches or questioning. They might also be able to work with the police or prosecutors to stop you from being arrested or prevent criminal charges from being filed.

Charges and Arrest: If there is enough evidence to prove your guilt, you could be arrested. You will be subject to a search at this time. If a cop saw you commit a crime, you could be arrested right then and there. If no one saw you commit a crime, they may show up at your place of employment, home, or some other place with a warrant for your arrest. After an arrest, it’s up to a prosecutor to determine whether to file charges against you. If not, you’ll be released. Suppose the prosecutor determines that there is evidence to charge you. In that case, you could be released on bail or held in custody while waiting for an arraignment.

Arraignment: An arraignment is your first appearance in court after being arrested. During this court appearance, you will be read the charges against you, your rights will be explained, and you’ll have the opportunity to enter a plea to the charge. Usually, it’s ill-advised to enter into any plea without first speaking to a skilled Victorville criminal defense lawyer.

Bail: Your bail might be discussed at your arraignment, or you might have a separate bail hearing. Depending on your charges and other factors, the judge could release you without bail, set bail, or deny bail. If bail is set, you must remain in jail until the bail is met.

Pre-trail: During the pretrial process, the work happens on your criminal case. Your criminal defense attorney and the district attorney’s office exchange evidence during a process known as discovery. Various motions can be filed at this time. Whether or not specific evidence can be admitted at trial will be determined during this time as well. Your attorney might be able to arrange a plea deal during this time. If not, and there is enough evidence for a trial, the next step is to go to trial.

Trial, Sentencing, and Appeals: Your case will proceed to trial. A jury or a judge will determine your legal guilt or innocence. If you are found guilty, your sentencing will likely take place separately at a later date. Depending on the outcome and circumstances of your trial, you may be eligible to seek an appeal. This is something you can discuss with your Victorville criminal defense attorney.

Things to Do in Victorville, CA
The California Route 66 Museum
16825 D St
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 951-0436

Mojave Narrows Regional Park
18000 Yates Rd
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 245-2226

High Desert Center for the Arts
15615 Eighth St
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 243-7493

The Mall of Victor Valley
14400 Bear Valley Rd Ste 735
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 241-3145

Scandia Family Fun Center
12627 Mariposa Rd
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 241-3008

Green Tree Golf Course
14144 Green Tree Blvd
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 245-4860

Seek the Help of Experienced Victorville Criminal Defense Attorneys
No matter what type of criminal charges you are facing or even if you’ve yet to be charged or arrested, you will benefit from the expertise and support of a criminal defense attorney. When you hire an experienced attorney from the Law Offices of David S. Chesley, Inc., rest assured that we will do all we can to make this time less stressful for you and your loved ones. Find out more about our services by calling us at (760) 553-9474. Let our team protect your one shot at justice.