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    • Multiple defendants each facing 7 years charged with smuggling prescription drugs into California from Mexico our client was the only defendant who received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 5 years for possession of deadly weapon we negotiated a plea for NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 3 life terms for multiple felony counts of Child Molestation and Sodomy with child we proved the charges were fabricated by victims mother DISMISSAL of all charges at preliminary hearing!

    • Strike case: Client charged with possession of methamphetamine facing 25 years we filed a Romero Motion which was granted case REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR!

    • Client’s estranged girlfriend alleged Client broke into her room and choked her facing 14 years in State Prison we won at trial JURY ACQUITTAL.

    • Police allegedly discovered 3 bags of marijuana in client’s glove box faced 6 years we filed a 1538.5 motion to suppress resulting in DISMISSAL of all charges!

    • Client allegedly sold rock cocaine to undercover officer faced 10 years following our argument client received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 15 years for Armed Robbery we proved misidentification Judge DISMISSED the case!


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    Riverside Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Arrested for a Crime in Riverside? Get an Experienced Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney in Your Corner Now

    Few things are more upsetting in life than being arrested for a crime. In Riverside, California, where crime rates are generally higher than in other places, local law enforcement are on heightened alert for suspected crimes, and prosecutors can be particularly aggressive about procuring a conviction. In short, when you’re arrested and facing criminal charges in Riverside County, you’re fighting an uphill battle to avoid serious consequences like fines, probations, and even prison time.

    When you’re facing the criminal justice system and a district attorney’s office that wants nothing more than to see you in jail, it can easily feel like you haven’t got an ally in the world. You may have concerns about what becomes of your family and your kids if you’re taken away from them. You may be worried about your job and your future in general. You may be completely at a loss of what to do to ensure your rights are protected and that you are given a fair chance to defend yourself.

    That’s where we come in:

    At the Law Offices of David S. Chesley, our team of attorneys has more than 50 years of combined experience defending tough cases. We are highly skilled at getting charges dismissed or reduced by effectively representing you before judges and jurors in state courtrooms and federal courthouses. Our team understands the inner workings of courtrooms in and around Riverside, and we know how to position you for the best possible outcome for your case. When you call on us to defend you, you’re no longer facing those intimidating charges on your own.

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    Riverside Police Department Locations

    Magnolia Station
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    Orange Station
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    Riverside, CA 92501

    Lincoln Station
    8181 Lincoln Ave
    Riverside, CA 92504

    Riverside Courthouse

    4100 Main Street
    Riverside, CA. 92501
    (951) 777-3147

    Common Criminal Charges in Riverside

    Riverside’s overall crime rate is nearly 40 percent higher than the national average, and violent crimes are about one-third higher. For that reason, you’re more likely to be arrested here than just about anywhere else in the United States. Part of that can be attributed to Riverside’s proximity to Los Angeles and other major cities like San Bernardino.

    Keeping Riverside safe requires a certain amount of vigilance by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors throughout the county. Occasionally, that vigilance crosses the line into overreach. Sometimes, people are arrested for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes, it may be a case of mistaken identity. And even if you bear some responsibility for the arrest, it’s not beyond local prosecutors to push for the maximum penalties to make an example of you instead of taking the circumstances into account.

    Let’s look at some of Riverside’s more common criminal charges that our attorneys get called on to defend.

    Assault and battery charges in Riverside are quite common—nearly 30 percent above the state average. In the State of California, you can be charged with simple assault by merely attempting to strike someone physically with the intent to hurt them. If there is injury involved, those charges can be elevated to more serious crimes like aggravated assault.

    Vandalism is defined as damaging or destroying public or private property. It is generally charged as a misdemeanor or felony based on the estimated dollar amount of the damage. In Riverside, graffiti is one of the most common forms of vandalism, and the city is aggressively making efforts to curb it. The rate of property crime in Riverside is approximately 39 percent above the national average.

    Vehicle Theft (Grand Theft Auto):
    Vehicle thefts are more than twice as common in Riverside as they are in the nation as a whole. In California, if the car’s value is greater than $900 (which is nearly all cars in California), it’s categorized as Grand Theft Auto, which is a “wobbler” offense—one that can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony—but is usually charged as a felony.

    While thefts of all types are generally higher in Riverside than in most other cities, robbery (the act of theft by force) occurs here nearly twice as often as the national average—although it’s only slightly higher than the state average. You can be accused of robbery simply if the alleged victim claims they believed they were being threatened, whether or not you actually used or threatened force.

    Common Mistakes Defendants Make in Riverside:
    It’s easy to think of an arrest as a black and white, guilty-or-innocent situation. The truth is that even in cases where you seem clearly guilty of the crime you are accused of, there are critical steps you can take or mistakes you can make at any stage that can severely affect your case. If you’re charged with a crime in Riverside, we highly advise avoiding the following common errors which could hurt your chances at trial:

    • Talking to people about the case. Many people realize talking to the police can give them evidence to use against them, but the “right to remain silent” applies to more than just talking to the cops. Law enforcement may also question your friends or family members, and if you discuss details of the case with these people, they could inadvertently say things that hurt your case. Never provide details about an ongoing case without consulting your lawyer first.
    • Sharing on social media. No matter how many “privacy settings” you employ, there’s nothing “private” about the Internet—not where prosecutors are concerned. Anything you say about the case on social media (directly or indirectly) could be used as evidence—including any postings that might give clues as to your intentions. Your lawyer may advise you to stay off social media completely until your case resolves.
    • Disrespecting the court. No matter how angry you get or unfairly you feel the judge or prosecutors are treating you, showing disrespect in the courtroom can only hurt your chances. Not only could it sway the judge or jury against you, but you could even face additional charges for contempt of court.

    Contact a Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    Even if you think the charges are minor or that the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to convict you of a crime, it’s a mistake to assume you won’t be convicted. Don’t underestimate what a criminal conviction could do to your life. Attorney David S. Chesley and his team can ensure your rights are protected while developing an effective strategy to defend against the charges. If you’re arrested or charged with a crime in Riverside, your best chance of success is to hire the best criminal defense attorneys in Riverside. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at (951) 224-8834.