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    Los Angeles Drug-Related DUI Defense Attorneys

    We Represent the Rights of People Accused of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

    As drunk driving fatalities remain high, law enforcement agencies across the country continue to aggressively crack down on people driving under the influence. California is no different, with people being arrested and charged with DUI every day.

    When most people hear about DUI charges, they normally think of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Many people, unfortunately, aren’t aware that you can also be charged with DUI while driving under the influence of drugs, and the charges are just as serious as those related to alcohol. With the changing legal status of marijuana, people forget that it’s against the law to drive while under the influence. In addition, people are wrongly charged with DUI when they shouldn’t be.  Fortunately, the accused have rights, and the assistance of a California criminal defense lawyer can often result in a favorable resolution to a drugged driving case.

    If you’ve been charged with driving while under the influence of drugs, you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the charges, what your options are, and the best possible defenses. To schedule a free consultation about your drug-related DUI case, contact The Law Offices of David S. Chesley – you can call us at 800-755-5174 or send us an email via our online contact form.

    California Drug-Related DUI Basics

    Driving while under the influence of drugs (DUID) is illegal pursuant to California Vehicle Code 23152(f). But what does this mean? For purposes of DUID charges, a drug is any substance other than alcohol that affects your brain, muscles, or central nervous system. Driving while under the influence of drugs means that you are impaired in such a way that you cannot drive as a sober person would.

    It is very important to note that Vehicle Code 23152(f) does not apply only to illegal drugs – it applies to prescription drugs as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t drive a car if you take prescription medication, so long as you are not “impaired” when taking it. For example, your heart medication isn’t likely to cause you to be impaired, while Ambien may make it difficult to drive a car safely.

    What the Prosecution Has to Prove

    In order to be found guilty of DUID, the prosecution has to prove two things: (1) that you were operating a motor vehicle; and (2) that you were under the influence of drugs.

    If the arresting officer observes you driving your car, then the first element of the charge is easily proven. In some cases, however, this element is more complicated than it seems. What if the car was parked and you were asleep? If the car never moved, can the prosecution prove that you were driving the car? The answers to these questions are complicated, but the point is that you should never assume the prosecution’s case is as easy as they want you to think that it is.

    The second element is a little more difficult and is where most defendants either prevail or are convicted. In order to prove that you were under the influence of drugs, the prosecution will have to get the arresting officer to testify to what he observed that led to the traffic stop and subsequent arrest. The officer will likely testify to the following facts:

    • Erratic driving: you were weaving, ignoring traffic signs or signals, or breaking various traffic laws.
    • Your behavior during the stop was erratic or belligerent – you were incoherent, slurring your speech, unable to cooperate or follow directions.
    • You failed one or more field sobriety tests.

    In addition to the officer’s testimony, a drug test is performed in almost every DUID case in order to determine what drugs are in your system at the time of your arrest. However, it’s important to note that there is no quantitative component such as blood alcohol content as in DUI cases involving alcohol. All the test needs to show was that there were, in fact, drugs in your system at the time of your arrest.

    The Potential Penalties of DUID

    The penalties of a DUID conviction are the same as those in a DUI alcohol case. The first offense will probably be charged as a misdemeanor, but the penalties will increase in severity for multiple convictions and according to whether or not you caused an accident resulting in injury. Here’s a summary of the potential penalties you may face if charged with DUID:

    Offense Jail Fine Driver’s License
    1st offense – misdemeanor Up to 6 months in county jail Up to $1,000 Revoked for 6-10 months, but driver is eligible for a restricted license
    2nd offense – misdemeanor Up to 1 year in county jail Up to $1,000 Revoked for two years; driver is eligible for a restricted license after 12 months
    3rd offense – misdemeanor Minimum 120 days up to 1 year in county jail Up to $1,000 Revoked for three years; driver is eligible for a restricted license after 18 months
    DUI with injury – misdemeanor Minimum 5 days to 1 year in county jail Up to $5,000 plus restitution to injured parties 1 to 3 years
    DUI with injury – felony 16 months to 16 years in state prison $1000-$5000, plus restitution to injured parties Five years
    Felony DUI (charged when you have 4 or more DUI convictions within a ten year period) 16 months, two years, or 3 years in state prison Up to $1,000 Four years

    Note that in addition to jail time and fines, you will also lose your driver’s license. And although it is not listed in the chart above, you will also be ordered to go to DUI school, anywhere from 3 to 30 months.

    Defending Against DUID Charges

    As mentioned above, the prosecution wants you to believe that their case is airtight. This is often not the case, and an experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to identify the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case quickly. In addition to the potential weaknesses in their case, your attorney could argue the following defenses:

    • Although you had drugs in your system, you were not impaired.
    • Your “impairment” may be caused by other factors, such as fatigue, illness, anxiety, or allergies.
    • The results of the blood test are inaccurate, was performed improperly, or the sample was improperly stored or handled.

    Your attorney can also challenge the validity of field sobriety tests, the blood test equipment, the testimony of the officer or the expert who testifies to the results of the blood test. In addition, your attorney may be able to argue that the case must be dismissed because your constitutional rights were violated – the arresting officer did not have probable cause to pull you over, failed to read you your Miranda rights, or subjected you to an illegal search.

    Many DUID Cases Are Resolved through a Plea Bargain Agreement

    If you are facing accusations of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is important to understand that many DUI cases are resolved through a process known as plea-bargaining. A plea bargain involves agreeing to plead guilty in return for the prosecutor recommending the judge impose a reduced sentence or to a less serious offense. Importantly, negotiating a plea bargain is a complicated matter that requires significant legal experience, so it is highly advisable for anyone considering seeking one to retain qualified legal counsel immediately.

    Contact a California DUID Defense Attorney Today

    DUI charges are very serious with harsh penalties, and so you should take immediate action to protect your rights.  A criminal defense attorney can help you get a fair result. The lawyers at The Law Offices of David S. Chesley have over 50 years of courtroom experience and give our clients aggressive, skilled criminal defense representation.  Call us at 800-755-5174 or email us for a free consultation regarding your DUID charges.

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