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    • Multiple defendants each facing 7 years charged with smuggling prescription drugs into California from Mexico our client was the only defendant who received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 5 years for possession of deadly weapon we negotiated a plea for NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 3 life terms for multiple felony counts of Child Molestation and Sodomy with child we proved the charges were fabricated by victims mother DISMISSAL of all charges at preliminary hearing!

    • Strike case: Client charged with possession of methamphetamine facing 25 years we filed a Romero Motion which was granted case REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR!

    • Client’s estranged girlfriend alleged Client broke into her room and choked her facing 14 years in State Prison we won at trial JURY ACQUITTAL.

    • Police allegedly discovered 3 bags of marijuana in client’s glove box faced 6 years we filed a 1538.5 motion to suppress resulting in DISMISSAL of all charges!

    • Client allegedly sold rock cocaine to undercover officer faced 10 years following our argument client received NO JAIL TIME!

    • Client facing 15 years for Armed Robbery we proved misidentification Judge DISMISSED the case!

    Our Pasadena Office is located at:

    Law Offices of David S. Chesley, Inc.
    Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorneys and DUI Lawyers

    225 South Lake Avenue, Suite 300
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    (626) 737-8830

    Pasadena Criminal Lawyers

    Pasadena has a population of 142,647 and an average home value of $505,916. Our Pasadena office’s primary focus is to provide the highest rated criminal defense attorneys in our state with the expertise needed in the California court system.

    A report from the Pasadena Police Department shows that annually in this area, your chances of being involved in a violent crime in Pasadena 1 in 289.  Let our team provide you with the necessary defense for any crime that you have in involved.

    The Pasadena Courthouse, part of the County of Los Angeles court system as well as the Ninth District Court of Appeals, is just a short walk from our office. With 50 years of Pasadena courthouse experience, the Law Offices of David S. Chesley can help you with your case.

    Our Defense Attorneys and Lawyers in Pasadena Services offered:

    pasadena dwi criminal attorney

    Pasadena DUI/DWI – drunk driving, driving under the influence (DUI), also known as driving while intoxicated, (DWI) is a serious crime that we can defend you against. In Pasadena, it is illegal for one to drive while either intoxicated or on drugs. A DUI conviction in the state of California is a misdemeanor and often carries financial penalties for first-time offenders. It also leads to a suspension of your driver’s license for up to (1) year. Although the punishment for a first DUI is minor, a second DUI is a Felony in the state of California. Protect yourself against penalties and hire a reputable DUI attorney in Pasadena.

    Pasadena Drug Charges – in 2010, over 1.5 million people were arrested for drug-related crimes in the United States. All drug-related crimes that take place in Pasadena, CA are very serious matters regardless of the charges. A drug-related charge on your criminal record can cause a series of unpleasant events in your professional life as well as your personal life. Consider this, most drug-related crimes in Pasadena are felonies simply because there is usually an intent to sell. The Law Offices of David S. Chesley has professional experience working with:

    If you have been arrested for a drug-related crime in Pasadena, CA – please contact the Law Offices of David S. Chesley for a Free Consultation.

    Often times, we’re able to seriously help our clients by avoiding jail time by placing them into a course or drug rehab program.

    These programs are designed to activate a change of character within your life. For crimes that don’t include the intent to sell, the offender usually undergoes a rehab program in Pasadena CA.

    Pasadena Burglary – In Penal Code 459, the state of California defines burglary as entering any residential or commercial property with the intent to commit a felony. People charged with burglary in Pasadena often these commit felonies when trespassing commercial property. The punishment for burglary in Pasadena, CA typically results in imprisonment in the state prison for two, four, or six years. This depends on the criminal history of the offender. Burglary in Pasadena is considered first degree under the California Penal Code section 461. Seek the counsel of an experienced criminal lawyer in Pasadena, CA for defense on your burglary case. We have a wide range of experience defending our clients and reducing criminal charges due to our experience in the profession and relationships within the Pasadena Courthouse.

    Pasadena Theft – theft in Pasadena crimes are considered as a very serious offense by law enforcement and judicial system. Theft is when someone’s personal property is unlawfully taken by someone else. Although the judicial system considered theft a serious crime, the criminal cases for theft are not always seen as felonies. The prosecutor has the option of charging this offense as a misdemeanor or a felony.

    Petty theft in Pasadena (PC 488)

    Under California Penal Code 488, petty theft is a misdemeanor, commonly referred to as “shoplifting.” If you’re facing a conviction for a misdemeanor petty theft you may face up to one year in a Pasadena jail. It’s important to note that petty theft falls under California Penal Code Section 484(a) and California Penal Code Section 488 PC can include any theft crime that meets the criteria if the property was stolen is $950 or less.

    Grand theft in Pasadena (PC 487)

    Under California Penal Code 487, grand theft is what is known as a wobbler, and may be charged as either a misdemeanor of a felony. Grand theft charges occur when the property was stolen exceeds $950 in value. However, after the passage of Proposition 47 on November 4, 2004 grand theft may only be charged as a misdemeanor when the value of any personal property stolen is less than $950.

    It is important to note that it is very possible if you were convicted of theft crimes in Pasadena, CA you could go to jail. If you’re experiencing theft charges and need an experienced Pasadena theft lawyer, call the Law Offices of David S. Chesley at (626) 737-8830 for a free consultation. We’ve been able to successfully reduce the seriousness of theft crimes in Pasadena for dozens of clients.

    Pasadena Sexual Assault – Pasadena sexual assault laws prohibit unwanted touching of another person’s intimate parts. Furthermore, the state of California considers persons intimate parts to be the victim’s groin, buttocks, anus, or any sexual organ. Sexual assault is different from rape as rape includes nonconsensual intercourse with the victim. Our sexual assault lawyers in Pasadena recommend that you seek legal counsel immediately after receiving a sexual assault charge. Often, sexual charges in Pasadena, CA can lead to a felony sexual battery – which in itself carries an imprisonment in Pasadena county jail for up to 1 year and a fine of up to $2000. As experienced Pasadena sexual assault lawyers, we have seen offenders serve up to 2, 3, or 4 years as well as fines up to $10,000. If you’re in search of a qualified Pasadena criminal lawyer, please contact the law offices of David S. Chesley for a free consultation. Call our Pasadena law office today at (626) 737-8830.

    Pasadena Murder Convictions – first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter are often mistaken or misunderstood identity can be won or reduced with the use of proper defense or alibis. As a result, those who are facing criminal murder charges are encouraged to speak with a qualified Pasadena criminal lawyer for guidance.

    About Our Law Offices:

    pasadena criminal lawyers

    At the Law Offices of David S. Chesley, we pride ourselves on providing excellent representation to our clients in Pasadena, CA. With over 50 years of courtroom experience, you can ensure that we provide the best results for our clients.

    Like former judges, prosecutors, and police who once worked for the state of California we are very successful at getting our client’s case dismissed on a daily basis. 95% of our clients that are charged with Pasadena DWI receive no jail time. This is because we’re simply the best at what we do. You can view our recent case results for further details. If you’re looking for a probate attorney, feel free to contact us

    Points of Interest in Pasadena:

    City of Pasadena City Hall

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    Old Pasadena

    Colorado Boulevard

    Things to do in Pasadena:

    Kidspace Children’s Museum

    Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA)

    Pasadena Playhouse

    Norton Simon Museum

    The Shops on Lake Ave

    Our Pasadena team is ready to work with you to provide you the fair defense you deserve

    Get started today by receiving a free consultation on your criminal charges. You can call us directly at (626) 737-8830– our law offices also speak Spanish and have the ability to suppress your criminal charges. You can read more about our Pasadena criminal law reviews by clicking here. We look forward to working with your criminal case.