Hit and Run Vehicle Code 20002, Driving Without a License VC 12500- ALL CHARGES DISMISSED

This was a case for which we were interviewed by both Telemundo Television and Channel 62 Estrella. Client was accused of having ran a red light and collided with another vehicle. The victim in the accident claimed that she witnessed our client crash into her car, and then exit the vehicle and flee from the scene of the accident on foot. We argued the case to the DA and presented evidence and witnesses testifying that our client was not involved. The case was dismissed and there will be no public record of the offense.

Domestic Violence (Corporal Injury on a Spouse) PC 273.5(a)- WE ARGUED THE CASE AT TRIAL AND JURY FOUND THE CLIENT NOT GUILTY

Police report alleged that our client was in his girlfriend’s apartment with another woman when his girlfriend arrived. The report alleged that when the girlfriend attempted to remove the Client’s belongings he began slapping her on the back of the head and punched her in the face. We proved that the person who fought with the girlfriend was not our client and that our client never touched his girlfriend or caused her to suffer any injury. After we argued the case before a jury, the jury found the client not guilty. There will be no record of the offense.

Attempted Murder, California Penal Code 187, PC 664- CLIENT WAS FACING LIFE IN PRISON, DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES

Client was allegedly having an argument with his wife while driving. Client allegedly pulled over and retrieved a revolver from a bag on the floorboard. In front of his children in the car, Client allegedly emptied all of the bullets to the gun except for one, then pointed it at the alleged victim and pulled the trigger. We argued the case and were able to prove that the allegations were fabricated. The Judge dismissed the case. There will be no public record of the offense

Assault with a Deadly Weapon PC 245(a)(1), Domestic Violence (Corporal Injury on a Spouse) PC 273.5(a)- DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES

Alleged victim stated that the client hit her with the car as she was attempting to get out of the car knocking her to the ground and resulting in an injury to her leg. The file included detailed pictures of the injuries sustained by the alleged victim. We argued the case with the D.A. and were able to get all of the charges completely dismissed. There will be no public record of the offense.

Participation in a Street Gang PC 186.22, Physical Violence to Recruit PC 186.26, Assault By Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Harm PC 245- FACING 7 YEARS STATE PRISON, RECEIVED NO JAIL TIME

Client allegedly assaulted a victim at a bus stop by yelling out gang slurs and repeatedly punching the victim. Client was facing a maximum sentence of 7 (seven) years State Prison. We were able to obtain for the client time served (no jail time), and probation upon condition that the client complete his GED.

Negligent Homicide (Vehicular Manslaughter with Gross Negligence PC 191.5) DUI Causing Injury VC 23153(a) Driving without a License VC 12500(a)- FACING UP TO 10 YEARS IN STATE PRISON, CLIENT RECEIVED NO JAIL TIME

Client was facing up to 10 years in state prison for driving with a .06 blood alcohol level and hitting and killing a pedestrian. The alleged victim was a transient running back and forth across the street. We argued that the victim’s own behavior contributed to the accident taking place. Our argument was successful and the client received only community service.