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Sam’s Club Shoppers Accidentally Discharge a Gun Outside the Store

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Glendora Sam’s club

A southern California man, Robert Duncan and his wife, Helen Marie Duncan were arrested after a gun Helen was carrying inside a fanny pack accidentally went off outside of Sam’s club in Glendora.

The incident took place outside the Sam’s club located at 1300 block of South Lone Hill Avenue just before 2 in the afternoon. Police said that the gun was inside a fanny pack that belonged to Robert Duncan, 48. Police say that Helen was holding the pack and while attempting to give the fanny pack to her husband she dropped it and the gun discharged.

A bullet went through Robert’s arm and the couple quickly left Sam’s club and headed to a nearby hospital where the police located them and arrested the couple on suspicion of illegal possession of a concealed weapon and negligent discharge of a firearm. They were held on a 35 thousand dollar bail.

Glendora police sergeant Mike Randazzo has referred to this as “isolated incident” and he continued to say that “We don’t have any problem with people carrying guns as long as it’s legally and safely.

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