Gang-related Murder: CA Penal Code 186.22, 187

Gang-related Murder is a very serious offense. In California it is against the law to participate in a criminal street gang. When a crime is committed and law enforcement believes that it was committed in relation with a criminal street gang, the prosecutor may enhance the charges for that crime. For example a crime committed by gang member that is usually charged as a misdemeanor, may be charged as a felony if the crime was committed for the benefit of a gang.

Gang-Related Murder is among the most serious of gang-related crimes, and faces some of the strictest penalties. With the minimum sentencing for murder being 25 to life, a murder committed in gang-related incident will face enhancements and stricter penalties.

When dealing with law enforcement agents while you are a suspect can be tricky. It is important to remain silent until your attorney arrives. Anything that you say to a police officer can be used against you when you face a judge. Going over the events in question with your attorney before talking to any law enforcement agents will assure you don’t incriminate yourself.

Even if you were not involved in a murder, you’re involvement in a gang might have lead to you being accused. In order for the prosecution to prove you are guilty, they must prove that you directly and actively committed murder. This is a difficult task for the prosecutor and can be the turning point in your case.

Defending yourself against these accusations is important, facing a gang-related murder requires the skill of a knowledgeable attorney. There are many defenses when facing gang-related murder charges, the defenses used by your attorney will vary depending on your particular situation. In many cases prosecutors may not have enough evidence to prove you are guilty, or you could have been mistake for a member of the gang that committed the crime, these are a few examples of defenses your attorney may use.

Gang-related murder cases are very confusing, an attorney who specializes in these cases is necessary. An attorney will understand the inner workings of the court system and advice you on the best way possible to handle your case.

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