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Eighteen Sheriff’s Deputies Charged With Engaging In Corruption and Civil Right Abuses.

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Eighteen current and former Los Angeles County deputies are currently facing charges for engaging in corruption and civil right abuses. The charges include beating inmates and visitors, as well as falsifying reports and trying to block an FBI investigation.

The charges were announced yesterday after 16 of the 18 deputies were arrested. The two deputies who were not arrested have been scheduled to appear in a U.S. District Court this coming Monday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca announced in a conference that the charges trouble him, he continued to say “Please know that I respect the criminal justice system and no one is above the law.”

The arrested deputies that were currently employed by the department have been relieved of duty with suspended pay.

The accusation against the deputies include a criminal complaint the deputies attempted to stop the ongoing FBI investigation by secretly moving an informant in the jail. The accusations also include the deputies attempting to intimidate a lead FBI agent, Visitors to the men’s jail being unlawfully detained by force and using excessive force against inmates.

Reports of the allegations say that deputies used force against inmates “when there was no threat at all,” the report also referred to “a culture of aggression among some deputies in the jail.”

The FBI has been conducting an investigation on the allegations of excessive force in the Los Angeles County’s jail system since 2011. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department is cooperating with the FBI 100% “It is not my desire or interest to probe their investigation before it’s completed,” Baca commented yesterday.

The Sheriff’s department has already made improvements to their jail system. They have hired a new head of custody and have created a database to track inmate’s complaints.

Los Angeles County Prosecutor Max Huntsman has been appointed as head of a new office of inspector general. Here, Huntsman will oversee the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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