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Costs of a first time DUI

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In the United States, DUIs are the most frequently committed crimes. It is estimated that DUIs account for 32% of all fatal car accidents.

Because of the dangers of drunk driving, strict penalties have been put in place for DUI offenders. For a first time DUI you could face jail time, loose your driver’s license, and pay large fines. Being convicted of a DUI will also increase the cost of your Auto Insurance.

The total cost of a first time DUI in California averages around $7000. Below we will break down the costs of a DUI individually.

  • -Minimum Fine                      $390 to $1000

The fine for a first time DUI will range from $390 to $1000, but if you are convicted you will generally also face penalty assessment fees.

  • -Penalty Assessment             $660 to $1000

Penalty assessment fees can vary widely depending on the facts of the particular DUI case.

  • -Auto Insurance Increase     $2000 to $6000

After being convicted of a DUI, you will have to file an SR-22 with your insurance. This will cause your insurance premiums to go up. Some Insurance companies will not provide an SR-22 and you will be required to switch insurance companies.

  • -Towing/Impound fee           $200 to $1000

If you are arrested for a DUI, it is likely that your car will be impounded. Depending on the amount of time your car is impounded for, you can expect expensive fines in order to retrieve your vehicle.

  • -Court fees                               $600 to $1000

Court fees will depend on the time and resources the court spends on your case.

These are the fees for a first time DUI with no aggravating factors, such as accidents or injuries. Depending on your individual case the cost of a DUI may vary. DUIs can affect your life permanently and can keep costing you money many years after a conviction.

Hiring an attorney who understands the law surrounding DUIs and who has experience fighting DUIs in the courtroom may help reduce some of the fines associated with a DUI.

The cost of an attorney can vary from as little as $250 in order to enter a quick guilty plea, to thousands of dollars depending on the time your attorney must spend on your case.

If you would like more information on the consequences and penalties of a DUI, contact us for your free initial consultation.

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