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San Diego Man Arrested for Marijuana Possesion and Child Endangerment

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A 23 year old man from San Diego, Christopher Palmer is currently being held in custody after police officers found dozens of cannabis plant along with 13 puppies, 3 adult dogs and a 3 month old baby at his home.

Firefighter’s arrived at Palmer’s home in the City Heights after a garage fire was reported at his address around midnight. Inside Palmer’s home there were around 60 to 70 plants along with the puppies and the baby, said officials.

Authorities blame the fire on poor wiring that was used in the garage’s electrical system, the fire did not reach inside Palmer’s home where police officers found the marijuana.

Palmer was arrested shortly after on the suspicion of marijuana possession, child cruelty and the theft of utility services. The cannabis plants were seized by police as possible evidence, the baby was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital for an examination and the puppies that included, Rottweilers, Yorkshire terriers, Doberman pinschers and Poodles were all taken to the department of animal services, where they will remain until owner’s can be found for them.

Palmer has told investigators that the puppies where at his home, because he acts as broker between dog breeders and people looking for dogs.

Palmer, along with his child and his child’s mother were living in the living room of the three bedroom house, because the three rooms were being used for the cannabis grow operation and for the dogs.

Officers now believe that the homeowner was legally selling the dogs, but based on the wiring of the house that was set up to for a grow operation, both parents are looking at charges of child endangerment.

Christopher Palmer being escorted to a police vehicle.

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