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Los Angeles Zimmerman Protests continue

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Protestor gathered at Leimert Park

After the fourth day of protest over the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Los Angeles police have vowed to crack down on disorderly conduct. On Monday night, the police department said that protesters will no longer be able to march on the streets, as the department allowed on previous nights. Instead, protesters must remain on the sidewalk.

On Tuesday night, three demonstrations were supposed to take place, but one of them was cancelled for fear of it turning violent. Reports from the two gatherings that did take place at City Hall and Leimert Park stated both protests were relatively peaceful.

The demonstration that took place at City Hall was organized by an activist group called Coalition L.A. With more than 150 people who attended the demonstration, the activist group marched around the block and in front of police headquarters. No arrests were made during this protest.

In Leimert Park, near the Crenshaw Boulevard and Vernon avenue intersection, dozens of protestors gathered as police handed out fliers warning protestors that any criminal conduct, such as violence or vandalism would be prosecuted.

Tuesday was much better day in contrast to the demonstrations that took place Monday night.

On Monday at around 10pm, police declared an unlawful assembly in South Los Angeles after a group of 150 demonstrators broke off from the main crowd and allegedly committed assault, vandalism, theft, and jumped on cars.

The night before, more than 100 protesters entered the 10 freeway and blocked traffic for about 30 minutes and several protesters vandalized the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Najee Ali, founder of Project Islamic Hope, canceled a rally that was supposed to take place today at 6pm in Leimert Park, stating that the rally was cancelled “in the interest of safety” Ali continued to say “There’s no way we can guarantee public safety because the demonstrations have been infiltrated by anarchists and agent provocateurs, whose only goal is to create vandalism, property damage and violence in our community,”

Ali said by phone Tuesday. “If you have a Trayvon Martin rally or march, you can’t stop other members of the public from joining it, disrupting it and causing damage. The emotions are still too high right now.”

On Monday night fourteen arrests were made in total, one for inciting a riot, and thirteen  for failure to disperse. Six of the suspects arrested were juveniles. On Sunday ten arrests were made.

(Protestor gathered at Leimert Park)

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