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Couple Arrested in Davis for Indecent Exposure

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Wenyi Xu and Nicholas Bowen

Davis police have arrested a couple under charges of indecent exposure and lewd acts in public after a city park worker saw Wenyi Xu, 30, flashing bicyclists.

Police say the couple was targeting kids at a popular Davis bike trail yesterday morning at 9:30 am. Her accomplice, Nicholas Bowen, 61, videotaped Xu as she flashed the bicyclists passing by.

Davis police Lt. Tom Waltz said “It appears that she would expose herself, becoming nude to the victims. What makes this more disturbing is they were targeting juveniles”

One particular juvenile fell of his bike after Xu exposed herself to him.

The female suspect, Xu is from Folsom, and Bowen is from Grizzly flats leading Davis police investigators to believe that the couple may have performed this lewd acts elsewhere.

While some of the residents of Davis have found this incident amusing, many others are relieved that the couple has been arrested,

Xu and Bowen are currently being held at the Monroe Detention Facility in Woodland

(Wenyi Xu and Nicholas Bowen)

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