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16 Year Old Facing Two First-Degree Murder Charges

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Daniel Marsh

Daniel Marsh, a 16 year old who is currently facing murder charges for the deaths of Chip Northtrup and Claudia Maupin, an elderly couple from Davis, CA.

Marsh is facing two counts of first degree murder with special circumstances relating to the deaths of the Davis couple.

Two days after his arrest, Marsh entered a not guilty plea, if he is convicted of the charges he will face two life sentences. During his court appearance family and friends showed support for the teenager.

The FBI has executed several search warrants, one of the warrants was issued for Marsh’s father’s home in Davis, his home was only two doors away from where the murders of Northtrup and Maupin took place.

Showing very little emotion, Marsh asked for a public defender, stating that he couldn’t afford counsel.

Ronald Johnson, the public defender representing Marsh argued that media coverage surrounding the events may jeopardize Marsh’s ability to a fair trial.

The DA’s office also filed it’s own motion, arguing that a closed hearing would keep those supporting Marsh from attending the proceedings.

The judge handling this case, Timothy Fell denied the motion for a closed a hearing, ruling that it was unlikely that media coverage would affect the case.

Marsh’s friends describe him as a troubled teenager who deals with anger issues. They also said that he did not have a good relationship with his family and that he always considered his friends, his real family.

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